My name is JOHN DOPPLer and, like you, I used to often struggle to decide what I should eat in the morning. When you wake up your brain isn’t so fast, and if you’re not LAZY you will have a JOB to go to – so you can’t wait for your brain to wake up. Before you know it, it’s time to LEAVE the house and you are still HUNGRY but have to wait until LUNCH!

That is not good if you have to think while you are working, because your brains needs food to WORK!

But if you brain is in morning-mode, you can’t MAKE it decide what to eat sometimes. That is why I invented


In 1972, and it has been a HIT ever since!! Kids and adults like love the way it SPINS and decides FOR YOU what you should eat – it’s never disappointing because all of the food on there is GOOD and you have it at HOME!!!